What’s your #unwisedecision (MCA Call to Action 15th March 2015) – Updated

National Adult PSW Network

National Mental Capacity Action Day – 15 March 2016

National Mental Capacity Action Day aim is to increase awareness of the Mental Capacity Act and to highlight good MCA practice. Click the link to find out more

National Mental Capacity Action Day – 15th March 2016

The purpose of the Action Day is to:

  • profile current best practice from around England and Wales
  • identify MCA improvement priorities for the coming year
  • gather commitments from attendees for projects and work to improve MCA implementation at the frontline.

How can you get involved with the MCA Action Day?

Why not join in with our national ‘Wall of unwise decisions’

Promote the day by joining in with our Twitter campaign to build a Wall Of Unwise Decisions. This initiative allows those working in social care or health and others to record their principle 3 unwise decision and share it to Twitter via #unwisedecision

When the majority of us make an unwise decision nobody generally questions or challenges our capacity. This may not be the case for all. Sharing and understanding our rights to make unwise decisions supports our understanding and application of the MCA and the rights of citizens. The Twitter feed and Great Walls are a fantastic visual aid to raise awareness around the empowering ethos of the MCA. The general idea is that human rights are for all and that the MCA applies to us all equally.

On the 15th we want to encourage as many staff has possible to use the hashtag and get their pictures uploaded. There are already over 30 Local Authorities and 10 Universities involved in this as well as a growing number of NHS Trusts.

Community Care magazine has volunteered to curate the tweets and present them for us. There will also be a number of articles and Blogs shared on the day to support the MCA Call to Action Day

You will find this template (#unwise temp) can be printed and used on the day. Individual photos and pictures of your wall as it grows will be fantastic. Who knows maybe we can even get #unwisedecision trending!

Check the #unwisedecison hash tag on twitter now for more info or see for ideas to help plan your event!

#unwise temp

Update February 2017

We have published an evaluation of the MCA Call to Action in the BASW Journal Practice: Social Work in Action.  Here is the link:

The Mental Capacity Act Call to Action: Online Development of Critical Rights-Based Social Work


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