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Journal Papers

Named Social Worker

Rights-based social work and the named social worker for adults with learning disabilities: a policy intervention 50 years in the making (2021) The British Journal of Social Work DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcab036

Innovating adult social work practice—learning from the Named Social Worker for adults with learning disabilities pilots (2019) Social Work Education, Vol.38(4) pp.503-515 –

Named social workers – better social work for learning disabled people? (2017) Disability and Society, Vol.32(10) pp.1650-1655 –

Mental Capacity in Action

The Mental Capacity Act Call to Action: Online Development of Critical Rights-Based Social Work (2017) Practice Social Work in Action, Vol.29(4) pp.279-292 –

Promote the Vote

Participation of adults with learning disabilities in the 2015 UK General Election (2018) Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol.23(2) pp.65-71 –

Participation of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in
the UK 2015 General Election (2016) York Policy Review –

Learning Disabilities

Variation in rates of inpatient admissions and lengths of stay experienced by adults with learning disabilities in England (2017) Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol.22(4) pp.211-217 –

An Inquiry by Social Workers into Evening Routines in Community Living Settings for Adults with Learning Disabilities (2017) Practice Social Work in Action, Vol.30(1) pp.19-32 –