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A collection of published papers

Journal Papers

Named Social Worker

Rights-based social work and the named social worker for adults with learning disabilities: a policy intervention 50 years in the making (2021) The British Journal of Social Work DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcab036

Innovating adult social work practice—learning from the Named Social Worker for adults with learning disabilities pilots (2019) Social Work Education, Vol.38(4) pp.503-515 –

Named social workers – better social work for learning disabled people? (2017) Disability and Society, Vol.32(10) pp.1650-1655 –

Mental Capacity

The Mental Capacity Act Call to Action: Online Development of Critical Rights-Based Social Work (2017) Practice Social Work in Action, Vol.29(4) pp.279-292 –

Promote the Vote

Participation of adults with learning disabilities in the 2015 UK General Election (2018) Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol.23(2) pp.65-71 –

Participation of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in
the UK 2015 General Election (2016) York Policy Review –

Participation of learning disabled people in the parliamentary election of 2019 in the United Kingdom

Learning Disabilities

Variation in rates of inpatient admissions and lengths of stay experienced by adults with learning disabilities in England (2017) Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol.22(4) pp.211-217 –

An Inquiry by Social Workers into Evening Routines in Community Living Settings for Adults with Learning Disabilities (2017) Practice Social Work in Action, Vol.30(1) pp.19-32 –