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Strengths Approach means never having to ask someone what they’re good at

A blog by @tanya_tavi Strengths practitioners focus on what people can do. This doesn’t mean we skirt over difficulties or risk. It doesn’t mean we ignore sorrows, challenges or pain. Strengths practitioners see the full picture and work with the reality and messiness of life. Strengths isn’t a naïve approach to practice, it’s a realistic […]

Grief and the Healing Power of Music

I find myself in the rather weird position of having listened to three Genesis albums in the last week. I am not complaining, however they are not normally a band I would listen to. As a grown man and consenting adult it would appear I gave myself permission to exercise this rather ‘unwise’ choice. Autonomy […]

I’m gonna get the vote

Alice Cooper’s ‘Elected’ is just great. Turn it up LOUD. Join in with the joy of a perfect rock anthem. It was released in 1972 in the run up to the US presidential election that saw Nixon become President. Ringo Star was present at the studio when it was recorded. It’s living history. The establishment […]

Social Work and the Ambiguity of Hope

a blog in parts Love and Hope Part 1 – by @briantheroomie Just what makes that little old antThink he’ll move that rubber tree plantAnyone knows an ant, can’tMove a rubber tree plantBut he’s got high hopesHe’s got high hopesHe’s got high apple pieIn the sky hopes(Van Heusen, Khan 1959) When Sinatra sang these lines […]


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