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Social Work and the Ambiguity of Hope

a blog in parts Love and Hope Part 1 – by @briantheroomie Just what makes that little old antThink he’ll move that rubber tree plantAnyone knows an ant, can’tMove a rubber tree plantBut he’s got high hopesHe’s got high hopesHe’s got high apple pieIn the sky hopes(Van Heusen, Khan 1959) When Sinatra sang these lines […]

You can have it all – my Empire of Dirt

A guest blog by social worker @AdamPagett3 A friend of mine took his own life at the weekend, no one knew why, he went to bed the same as any other day seemingly happy and content with his lot. He woke in the morning and decided that was the day that he would end his […]

Choose to Challenge

A guest blog from social worker @babs_fitz I came across an online article by Jenny Proudfoot (in Marie Claire magazine) which, I think, essentially captures the strength, influence, drive and determination of some of the influential and inspirational women over the last 100 years. Proudfoot rolls through the decades from the 1920’s to the 2020’s […]

Who decides what’s ‘normal’

A blog by a student social worker @RShirtliffe Grab yourself a drink before getting into this, it’s not that long but the drink has a purpose… 2020 has been nothing short of a complete and utter write off for a lot of people, across the world not just here in Britain. However, there is a […]


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