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The Social Prescription We Need – Freedom

About 20 years ago, I worked with an older person called Florence. Florence was in her early 80s and had been known to social services for many years. Each November Florence would, much to the concern of her family and the plethora of community social workers, nurses and carers who supported her, take herself off […]

Traffic Lights

The first snow of the season arrived as the last of the year’s leaves still clung to the nearly naked trees. Their golden yellow autumn hue finally giving way to brown. The blue skies of late September and early October were now hidden behind a thick covering of dark, murky grey.  As Jay, the social […]

Why Social Work?

I have faced the question “why Social work?” from friends and family many times, because I had gotten up to a managerial level whilst working in a different field and they always believe that to be a sign of excellence and growth. Especially, because, studying again as a mature student can be very stressful and […]

Strengths Approach means never having to ask someone what they’re good at

A blog by Tanya Moore @tanya_tavi Strengths practitioners focus on what people can do. This doesn’t mean we skirt over difficulties or risk. It doesn’t mean we ignore sorrows, challenges or pain. Strengths practitioners see the full picture and work with the reality and messiness of life. Strengths isn’t a naïve approach to practice, it’s […]


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