I’m gonna get the vote

Alice Cooper’s ‘Elected’ is just great. Turn it up LOUD. Join in with the joy of a perfect rock anthem.

It was released in 1972 in the run up to the US presidential election that saw Nixon become President. Ringo Star was present at the studio when it was recorded. It’s living history.

The establishment hated it. Mary Whitehouse was a big name in the the UK in 70s. She was the voice of a campaign to ban anything she thought would be a bad influence on :children. Rock disrupts. She tried to ban Alice Cooper from the UK. He claims it was the best PR money couldn’t buy.

The real genius of Elected though is its a political satire, and a call to action, without being party political. Get involved, register, participate. But who you chose to vote for, well that’s on you. So be politically engaged. Be active. Get voting.

We’ve worked on #promotethevote campaigns since 2015. When we talk about elections and voting as being exciting, people get motivated to participate. More people then go on to register and ultimately to vote. We wrote a bit more on this below.

And here

And here’s the original Alice Cooper 1972 version of Elected for you. Glamorous indie rock and roll is all you need.

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