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Think Small, Act Small: The Value of all things Local

Guest Blog by social workers Charlotte and Ryan I think everyone would agree that lockdown has made us re-evaluate whats really important in our lives – whether that is our freedom, our families and friends or just being able to get a delivery from the supermarket! But one thing that’s really come out of it […]

Social Work, Covid-19 and Hope

Do you remember when at the end of the 6 weeks holiday on one hand you dreaded going back to school, but on the other you were looking forward to seeing your mates again and falling back into the routine? As we start to come out of lockdown, for us, it feels a bit like […]

In Our Best Interests

Steven Neary’s unlawful detention at the hands of the state is something we talk a lot about to students and social workers. When we have heard Mark recount what happened to Steven he often mentions that Steven serenaded the ATU manager with Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’. To his dad Mark, and with the […]

Happy Ever After ?

So this piece of writing is a bit of an early morning reflective supervision session at the end of laptop as I take a breath, and pause, and begin to absorb just how truly terrible the casualty numbers are from this virus.  In a week which has distorted comprehension to such a point that the […]

Social Work, Covid-19 and Being Human

  Social Workers have our own version of the old joke – how many social workers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is, and always will be, ‘one, you’. We change the light bulb, we don’t refer on for someone else to sort. We need to be there when everyone else […]

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